Ocak Hotel

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Behmstraße 27, Jülicherstraße 14-19, Berlin

Ocak Projektentwicklung

Construction Period
2013 -14

Gross Floor Area
19.100 m²

A sports hotel and event complex was planned for this estate at the end of the 1990s. After finishing the foundations and two basements of the building, the project was not continued and stood still for about 20 years.

The upcoming conversion will arise from the existing basic structure of the building and will have 6 to 8 upper-floors. A meandering building shape reacts over the existing Villa, the former domicile of the soccer team Hertha BSC.

The future hotel offers more than 250 rooms and suites, a large conference area, fitness and spa facilities as well as a restaurant. The planned Hostel has 55 rooms, each with 4 – 8 beds. Hotel and Hostel can be managed together by one single operator and use a shared underground parking facility with 2 levels and a total of 104 parking lots.